Where To Find Me

For business enquiries please email

YouTube - Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Follow me HERE to find video tutorials for my recipes, taste tests, cookbook reviews, some vlogs, and more!

Instagram - @thesarahsullivan

Follow me HERE to get a deeper look into my world. I share food and personal photos, and write a lot about mental health, spirituality, self-care and other topics that weigh on my mind.

My Podcast - What Is Life, Dude?

A podcast I started with my partner Eric. We casually discuss a new topic each week, from veganism, to relationships, to music and more. You can listen to the podcast on a variety of platforms — find them all HERE and email us at advice@whatislifedude.com to request topics, ask questions, or just say hi. :)

Joint Channel  - What Is Life, Dude?

For more random videos with me and Eric, follow us HERE. Currently there are mostly vlogs on the channel but we’re hoping to start making random fun videos as well, such as challenges, tags, and maybe even some ASMR? Email us advice@whatislifedude.com to recommend videos! We always appreciate it.

All of My Favorite Things

If you ever wonder what equipment and technology I use to film videos, record the podcast, edit recipe photos, etc., you can find those on my Kit profile linked HERE! You’ll also find my favorite kitchen tools and appliances, cookbooks, ingredients and more. If you make a purchase through any of the links from my Kit, I make a small commission which supports my channel. :) It’s much appreciated!