What is Life, Dude?

This is a podcast cohosted by Sarah Sullivan and Eric Ames. In each episode we examine one piece of media (such as a book, film, album, or TV series) through an existential lens, pondering such questions as: What does it mean to be human? How do we find purpose? How can we know we are real — and does it even matter?

Eric and Sarah originally began What Is Life, Dude? as an advice podcast, then converted it into a general discussion podcast. The first 20 episodes (grouped under Season 0 in our archives) reflect these old formats. Season 1, Episode 1 (“Wild”) marks the start of the new, more directed format.

Where to Listen

What is Life, Dude? is available on most podcast streaming platforms, and will be filmed and available on YouTube soon. Find us here:


About Eric

I’m a musician, a semi-athletic person, a food overeater, and a frequent thinker of ideas such as, “How is it possible that I’m a living human being?” I studied audio engineering and I have a strong allegiance to the Earth’s little animal friends. Sometimes I also invent fairly delectable alcoholic beverages.


About Sarah

I’m a vegan food blogger and mental health advocate. I studied psychology at Stanford, and I’m all about leading a more compassionate and intentional life. I love singing, playing guitar, writing, and feeding people. I also enjoy cameras, poetry, and lifting weights.